A Teacher of enviable empathy for students and commitment to the subject, Professor K.S.Ravichandran teaches Computational Fluid Dynamics at the PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore and is also a Consultant to a number of engineering centers in Bangalore. Ravichandran graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the NIT, Durgapur and subsequently obtained his M.S and Ph.D degrees from the Indian Institutes of Technology, Madras and Kanpur respectively. He served as a scientist in the National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore for 20 years developing Fluid Dynamics analysis software based on advanced algorithms and supporting a number of internal and external projects for aerospace and defense applications. He has been with industry since the year 2000 and has created and led teams in GE/GRC, Safran India, Infotech Enterprises, Mercedes Benz Technology Center and the Ingersoll Rand Engineering Center. With over 30 years of engineering practice, Ravichandran has witnessed, participated in and contributed to technology development for varied applications in the past couple of decades in different capacities in the automotive and aerospace domain.

Arkesh Srinivasan


Arkesh is a Zealous and diligent certified systems technician trained by Mercedes Benz India Pvt. Ltd. Testing, trouble shooting and correction of automotive systems are his key forte. Over the past five years, Arkesh has managed and handled sensor and related electronics issues on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles using Diagnostic equipment’s and tools such as Oscilloscope, Multi-meter,HHT (Hand- held testers) etc. With hands on experience in service procedures carried out keeping in mind the service interval on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles, the cars seem to talk to this young man every time any car is brought to him!

With his willingness to learn and enthusiastic attitude, Arkesh can diagnose any Mercedes Benz problem just by its description. After all these cars are his first love.

Besides carrying out surgeries on cars, Arkesh enjoys music and food, travelling and a good company to discuss Cars!